Stellar Time Management

Time is one of the most valuable resources we all have, and astrology is uniquely capable of assisting in time management and planning because it is a language that can read the energy of the moment.

Astrologers are basically reading the cosmic energy of a moment in time when they are reading a chart; if it is a person’s natal chart, it is the moment they were born. But each and every moment has a unique energy signature, and that signature can be read by casting a chart of the moment.

Many of the calendars we use and systems for clocking time are based on the planets.

The zodiac (which is the 360 degree circle in space that is made up by “the signs”) is like a giant clock in itself. In this analogy, the signs would be the numbers on the clock, and the planets are the hands moving around, at different speeds.

The slow hour hand of saturn is different from the minute hand movements of the moon. The further away a planet, the slower it moves, the longer the cycle (time it takes to make it all the way around the clock).

It takes Saturn 28-30 years to move all the way around the whole zodiac (hitting up all the signs)

It takes the Moon 28-30 days (basically a month) to make it all the way around the whole zodiac (hitting up all the signs)

It takes the Sun 360 days (about a Year) to make it all the way around the whole zodiac.

When we are planning, we will be considering the planet that governs the length of time in question as a overarching guide. Let’s say we are doing a yearly plan, the Sun is the planetary cycle we are going to be looking at.

When we are planning on a monthly level, we are going to be looking at the lunar cycle. Planning by the Moon is something I specialize in and will be putting out regular content regarding. You can do so much to maximize your time just by observing the lunar cycle in your planning and scheduling.

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